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The Bull City Invitational will be held the afternoon of Sunday, 4/30. The schedule is as follows:

Session 1: Sunday, 4/30 12pm -1:30pm

Amalie Tormollen – Kindergarten

Lily Asher - Rising

Aiyana Lara - Rising

Jessica Felizardo - Shooting

Maggie Cranford – Kindergarten

Diana Aquino - Rising

Lily Rhoten - Rising

Olivia Ko - Shooting

EJ Milley – Kindergarten

Zoe Dolbow - Rising

Kharis Riesland - Rising

Kennedy Williams - Shooting

Anna Safley – Kindergarten

Meredith Franke - Rising

Dara Ellis - Rising

Gianna Long - Shining

Henry Bryk-McGinn – Kindergarten

Mabel Kenan - Rising

Jane Ronald - Rising

Sullivan Gaddy – Shining

Theodora (Teddi) Daily – Kinder

Zemirah Cassidy - Rising

Wylie Kenan - Shooting

Lili Belle Stroscio - Shining

Maria Harrison – Rising

Ashley Rutledge - Rising

Noor Mahmoud - Shooting

Zoe Vanteburgh - Shining

Madison Pulley - Shooting

Maya Makarushka-Napp - Shining

Session 2: Sunday, 4/30 1:30pm - 3pm

Emily Stafford - Homeschool

Mackenzie Torian - Kinder

Maya Krellwitz - Shooting

Bailey Claudino - Super

Bonerges Claudino – Super Boys

Aniyah Wilson - Kindergarten

Merril Menacho - Shooting

Avery Hillhouse - Shining

Andy Aguilar - Elite Boys

Cayleigh Epley - Super

Cameron Mayhew - Shooting

Sienna Hurley - Shining

Ana Bursac - Super

Baylie Brooks - Super

Kara Kelly - Shining

Sierra Godfrey - Super/Shining

Annora Leaf - Shining

Georgia Rigby - Shining

Shaylyn Smith - Shining

Rebecca Tricocci - Shining

Hannah Wilcox - Shining

Immediately following Session 2, there will be a session of the Prep Optional Team girls that qualified and will be attending the Region 8 Regional Championships. We cordially invite you to stay and cheer on your home team! This is a great opportunity to see them perform before their season ending meet.

Any attire you pre-ordered will be available at the meet. If it comes in early we will let you know in case you would like to pick it up early.

We are very excited to see the gymnasts perform their best routines and get rewarded. Please remember to arrive up to 30 minutes early to ensure you have plenty of time for check-in. Also, feel free to invite family and friends to come support your child.

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