Class Schedules

Summer Class Schedules Now Available!

2022-2023 Gymnastics Class Schedule

2022-2023 Ninja Class Schedule

2022-2023 Dance Class Schedule

Current Class Schedules (Through May 31, 2021)

Current Gymnastics Class Schedule

Current Ninja Class Schedule

Enrollment Information

  • Enrollment:
    • Enrollment is ongoing. New students may join the next class meeting of any class with open availability.
    • New or returning students may register online through the Parent Portal (click register at the top of this page).
  • Sibling/Multiple Class Discounts
    • Only the first class of one child per family pays the full tuition rate. All additional classes and siblings with lesser tuition receive a 15% discount on tuition!
  • Trial Classes
    • Trial classes are available.
  • Makeups
    • Makeup missed classes in any similar class with availability!
  • Tuition
    • Tuition is due monthly we bill on the 25th of every month and is prorated based on your date of enrollment.
    • We encourage each family to create and maintain a Parent Portal account and keep a credit or debit card on file for easy, automatic tuition payments.