Class Schedules 2019-2020

Fall 2019-2020 Class Schedules

2019-2020 Gymnastics Class Schedule

2019-2020 Martial Arts Class Schedule

2019-2020 Ninja Warrior Class Schedule

2019-2020 Dance Class Schedule

Enrollment Information

  • Enrollment:
    • Enrollment is ongoing. New students may join the next class meeting of any class with open availability.
    • New or returning students may register online through the Parent Portal (click register at the top of this page) or by completing registration paperwork in person, by email, or by fax. Due to waiver signatures, registrations may not be made by phone.
    • Students can transfer to a different class day or time with availability at any time.
  • Sibling/Multiple Class Discounts
    • Only the first class of one child per family pays the full tuition rate. All additional classes and siblings with lesser tuition receive a 15% discount on tuition!
  • Trial Classes
    • We are happy to offer one free trial class per student for programs they have not yet participated in. Trial classes are offered in any of our regular classes with availability. Trials must be scheduled with our office to ensure our low student:instructor ratio.
  • Makeups
    • Because we want all students to experience the fun and benefits of their classes, we offer makeups for missed classes (up to 1 per month). Makeups must be scheduled with our office to ensure our class ratios remain low.
    • If your student will miss multiple classes due to illness or injury, please contact our office immediately.
  • Tuition
    • Tuition is due monthly and is prorated based on your date of enrollment.
    • We encourage each family to create and maintain a Parent Portal account and keep a credit or debit card on file for easy, automatic tuition payments.
    • Tuition is charged on the 25th of every month preceding the classes (i.e., March's tuition charged on February 25th).
    • Automatic tuition charges continue as long as your student is actively enrolled and will continue through May of the instructional year.
    • To pay with another method, simply complete payment through the parent portal or front desk with another payment method by the 24th of each month.
    • To unenroll and stop tuition charges, email the front desk (, with your child's name and class information as well as any feedback you have. You may also unenroll in person at the front desk. Please complete unenrollment before the 25th to ensure no charges for the following month are made. Any un-enrollments made after the 25th will have a full or partial month credited only to their Parent Portal account.
    • Tuition remains the same each month of instruction. In any given year, some months will have four classes and some will have five classes. On occasion, there will be a month with three classes due to holidays or other conflicts. Over each instructional year, the average is four classes per month. We make no distinction between long and short months and ask that you do the same.
  • Instructional Calendar
    • A new instructional year begins each June and continues through the following May.
    • All months average 4 weeks of instruction. Tuition charges remain the same for each month.
    • We close for the following weeks for holidays and maintenance: November 25-30 (Thanksgiving Break), December 23-Jan 4th (Winter Break), May 25-30 (Memorial Day & Facility Maintenance)
    • Any other closures due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances will be eligible for a makeup (no credits offered).


  • Will there be class if the weather is bad?
    • Any changes in our schedule due to weather will be updated on our website, voicemail, and social media. We do not follow a particular school system's closures and may open later or close early depending on weather conditions. Driving conditions can vary over the Triangle area. Please be safe and make your own decisions on driving conditions. A makeup class can be scheduled for classes missed due to inclement weather, whether it is the gym's or the parent's decision.
  • Can I drop my student off for class?
    • Students in our Parent & Tot, Preschool, and Kindergarten-age classes require a responsible adult in the building at all times. Parents with students in school-age classes may use their discretion on whether to leave the premises. Please note that teachers are not responsible for students before or after their class time.